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1. Annabelle

Annabelle, Annabelle; Where'd you run off to? Annabelle, oh Annabelle; I'm lost without you; I'm in hell, I'm in hell; Down here waiting; Annabelle, wish you could tell what I've been contemplating; L...

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2. Another Night

ANOTHER NIGHT-HEAVENS; Another night with your head in the oven; Simmering like a heat wave over you; Sweat drops hiss at the bottom; Blood droplets cook like glue; They left you with nothing; And lef...

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3. Counting

Won't you please step inside? Something to show, something to share; My knife wants to hide, deep inside of you; I'll announce the grand prize; Arterial spray-paints the carpet; Before your eyes; Bett...

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4. Dead End Girl

Dead end girl on the outside looking in; On a dead end world in which she cannot live; And she'd love to leave for some place all alone; And she'd love to live; Far from every face or name she's ever ...

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5. Gardens

This garden's growing hunger like your growing fly trap smile; This coming harvest season finds it's stretching on for miles; We do or kill most anyone to be; Its do or die, it's up to you and me, G.O...

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6. Heather

Tell me heather; Why do you never answer the phone? When it rings, does it sing "caller unknown"? Telling you to run away and hide; To early in the day for talking; I got a feeling you're busy paintin...

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7. Leave

The night is falling, I thank God. I hear the calling of the skeletons under the sod; The skeletons under the sod. ; The day is dying, big smile pose for the camera; A giant step for your kind. You're...

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8. Patent Pending

Bring your book when you're broken hearted; Got a vessel that we've charted; Into the wide open sea; The two of us dearly departed; Bring a book with a happy ending; A remix of the message sending; Sh...

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9. True Hate

We came down with a crushing might; I might be mistaken; We came down with a sickening plight; Forever forsaken; We got all bent right out of shape; Hopelessly dreadful; Cut through miles of blood-red...

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10. Watching You

I've been watching you up in the corner; Watching you from down below; I've watching you dance in the shadows; Watching you I'm falling to pieces; And when everything that you do loses beauty; When ev...

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