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1. Bad Reputation

I, I’ve seen you a hundred times; But not enough to break through these vicious lies; And I don’t believe the things I read; But these things I hear; They’re telling me you’ve been around; I can’t bel...

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2. Can't Catch Me

Roll the dice and cut the cards; You’re oh so close but you’re oh so far; It’s a chance you take; In this game we play; You may see me here but I’m miles away; Lady luck might pull you through; You mi...

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3. Come Play The Game

On and on and on; You’ve questioned my reasons; Over and over again; You say there’s just no time; You keep sayin’ it just won’t work; I keep saying you just won’t try; Why can’t you see what's standi...

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4. Daddy's Little Girl

Street lights; Pointin’ towards her door; Who could ask for more; A good time is guaranteed for all; Just give baby a call; Just a good girl gone bad; Forgettin’ everything she had; Her daddy just fou...

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5. Don't Stop, Don't Go

(Tell me now); I wanna know how could you be so cruel; (Show me why); I’m out in the cold; (Tell me now); Now all that’s left I’ve got right in my hand; (Show me why); You had to go, go; Maybe once, m...

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6. Find Another Way

I felt so lost ‘til I found you; That’s something that I should have told you; oh; And now that I’ve lost you; These nights go on forever without you here; You always felt so surrounded; I was the foo...

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7. Hold On To Tonight

We just have tonight; But why; We said it wouldn’t matter; We’d never look back, I know; You said you had to go; Please stay a little Longer; We can move onto this real slow; And then; We could lie do...

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8. Is That All You Want?

Time for you ain’t time for me; I can’t understand you won’t let me be; Love ‘em, leave ‘em, you won’t let go; Could this be you that’s startin’ to show; Show me yours and I’ll show you mine; Sign you...

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9. Play Dirty

You are so used to second hand; No time, no time to taste the band; You’re runnin’ around the world; You don’t do nothin’ but say you will; You said you’d be mine to twirl; Oh what a night you were dr...

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10. Skin To Skin

You say you’ve got such a will to live; Why don’t you come and live with me; You said you could find better things to do; Let me show you what I’ve got to give; Cause I’m no; (I'm no); Bad habit; (Bad...

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11. Up Against The Wall

Baby was sixteen; But she looked like twenty one; She had me by the balls (ouch!!) when all was said and done; She said do it my way, baby come inside; Imagine what her daddy thought; You know that th...

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