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1. 1/24

The child has come of age now, the newcomer has been forged to deny; the income of an alien world; the acts where his equal is barely found; Rejected for his differences, rejected he tries to shut, sh...

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2. 2k Awe Tick

Our lungs are fighting the infected air we breathe; Linear and square forms fill our eyes? Seconds, all at count; and we work on its rate trying to raise it's bound; so our trace would be found, we go...

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3. A Higher Moral Ground

The fall of the kingdom has left a rich soil; a new morality in the form is sown; previous facts are now exposed. ; The thorns brought on the previous dawn; defences, a perception to keep us strong; T...

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4. A New Paradigm

Water! The flood will wash away the sins of an old disease brought by man. Revenge, Mother's nature plan! Sons of the earth, they lost their minds!? These are the words of the native man; who still ha...

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5. Cruel Disguise

There's a chance for a future; A chance for all human beings; Trapped within these altered faces; Hiding behind our disguise; That protects us from the pain; And the truth that's deep inside of us all...

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6. Divisions

Colour circles through the haze, shifts from time to time; spying on one another, seeking for their kind; to rise, arise; and the man who doesn't belong awaits; Billions of faces, limitless mirrors of...

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7. Face

A thought to remind you; The reason in which all our souls lie; People all around you; But none of them seem to face the fire; And they say; Stay behind the line; Don't you cross that line; Or insanit...

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8. Gaia's Judgement

The game began thousands of years ago; Nations already under their control; They took their places behind our kings and queens; In the name of the power and the glory; Can't you feel it, can't you see...

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9. Komma

Cruel, the fight of all time, everyone is invited. No swords, no knives, nor blood said the prophet, liar by profession. ; And if you fail, you lose your mind; you can't recall your past, you're pulve...

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10. March

To set myself for battle; To defend ourselves from gore; And to kill in the name of god, you see; Is not what I meant to be; So don't ask me; We must protect ourselves from slavery; The desolation arm...

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11. Masterdom's Profit

The hawk, cunning bird of prey; rides the wind to observe; his only predator assaulting his domain; cables, trucks and pavement; left the runaway restless, unsheltered; I say fly, head high; to the mo...

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12. Out Of Me

Welcome to you, oh mighty one; For the time has come to receive; The clash of the titans is over; And you shall be king; Control over your own cells; Now that you've found this new emotion; What is th...

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13. Remembrance

Hey, my amnesia; What happened to the dreams we shared? The colors, the shades, were they just a phase? No longer in our heart, the love thy son's command; was it your vanity that rearranged it all; o...

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14. The Alchemist

[I. The Alchemist's creation]; In a strange gallery, an old man's work takes form; Illuminated by a candle, his visions light the dome; In a sea of immortals, his soul will be sown; As the universe wi...

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15. The Horde

Dreams? I've been having those dreams; Since my birth on earth; The idealistic horde; That could heal the disease of man; Different I have always been; And that's how I'm meant to be; And it hurts to ...

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16. Waves

Breaking the waves of fear through thoughts; I replay in my head cycles of my deepest scars; Come to heal them where they can be found; right here inside, you touch what I hide; Breaking the waves of ...

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17. Wings

Shine, wherever you are; Come on and share the light that is within you; Feel the limitless rise; Completely pass through you and me. ; Sights of overwhelming designs; Tap into your memory core, abund...

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18. Your God's Crime

The blind man drank the water of reason; His eyes opened suddenly; Through what he is, his soul will be; And who he was, will never be again; I can see no future in here; If we don't take a stand now ...

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