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1. Be Somebody

I've heard of all the same old stories; And I've walked along the same old avenues; I know the pavement doesn't move; So if we leave here, then what we got to lose? I wanna be somebody; I wanna leave ...

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2. Can't Let Go

Don't speak just listen; You don't know what you've been missing; Don't cry, stop running; Don't move when I'm coming; You don't hear what I hear when you talk to me; You don't feel what I feel when y...

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3. Executioner's Day

Waiting for the day; Blue eyes change their shade; Walking in step just to buy back the life that I'd sold; Stuck in the middle I don't know which way I should go; Show me the way; Show me the way fro...

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4. Fire, Fire

Don't tell me your name; I know it ain't gonna change; Anyway that I think; (You motherfucker); It's not as if you're to blame; If we're one and the same; We're on the edge, on the brink; (You motherf...

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5. Heartbreaking Son Of a Bitch

You think you know me but you don't know shit; I'm gonna show you that I will never quit; I'm gonna own you make you my bitch; You can't control me, you just make me sick; I ain't Jumpin' Jack Flash; ...

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6. I Am Electric

I am the new-born, I'm the creator; I am velocity, I am the rapture; I'm the destroyer, I am the cavalry; I am the poison, I am the powder; I am the fighter, I'm the protector; I am the Ac, I am the D...

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7. Jump Back

Oh; Yeah yeah; MM; Woah; My little England went to London in the summer time; With a painted up guitar and a new disguise; Why'd you look at me like that, and as a matter of fact; We're on the same da...

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8. Lights Out In London

Paint black, sunset, left marks on this town; so you won't forget; Gypsy, vagabond, baby you're coming down; but I haven't yet; Old shoes, old news, take a picture of the filth; that I got to lose; Cr...

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9. Nothing Left To Lose

Oh; Yeah; Cover your eyes you're not ready to see this; Better to be blind than to try and resist; Say your prayers and cease and desist; We all have secrets; Everyone dies so what's the meaning in al...

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10. Price We Pay

I've been thinking of what could have been; I've been thinking of the life that we're living now; I've been waiting for the sign to go away; I've been holding back the moment that I leave this place; ...

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11. The Long Goodbye

A smile could crack this angry face; The endless days, the endless wait; As tension fills up the empty space; I wait in vain and fade away, away, away; Fade away, away, away; I fade away, away, away; ...

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12. Welcome Home

Welcome home; Come in, you've sinned; Motherfucker it's a new beginning; You lose, I win; Now you're stuck and it's too late for running; Dancing in the river on the bed of an angel; Drinking dirty wa...

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