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1. Beauty Of You

The night has come; And my dreams flow; In my heart; The cold winds blow; I dream about; Forest in snow; And tear on my face; Is falling slow; I will be there; It tears me apart; It's meant to be; No ...

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2. Can't Stay

Some stories; Never go end; I'm thinking about you; In this prison of mine; What would you do; If there is no tomorrow; Would you remember me; In some corner of your heart? Chorus; You will be fine, a...

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3. Dreamless

Sometimes I recall; Bad things came alone, How long did we talk? Where did we go wrong? Your words, my deep scars; Shadows dancing in the light; Your deep lonely eyes; Forever, my endless fight; Now I...

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4. Face Of Misery

I am falling, I am crawling; With my face in mud. The end of a curse; Breaks through the dark. ; I thought that you would see; That good is left in me, I thought you'd never see; The dark side of me. ...

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5. Far and Forever

King without kingdom; Earth without rain; Nothing can help him; To forget the pain; Life without beloved; Battle without score; He obeyed the prophecy; To stay not alone; Once we lived; Once we died; ...

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6. Go Away

Cold wind can't always remind me; Of all winters under the moon waterfalls; Cause, somewhere in my mind; Maybe some warmth can be found; You're going far and forever; And leave me nothing to hope; Tha...

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7. Heaven Rain

When I look; Across that river wide, I see the path; I saw it in my mind. ; When I walk; Across that field of time, I hear the sound; That's coming from inside. ; Somewhere in time; Silence is all aro...

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8. Letter

if words aren't heard, It doesn't mean that they do not exist? March 6. 1945. somewhere at the western european frontline; Dear sara, ; It's being several weeks since; I have written a letter with you...

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9. My Only One

This night is hard for me, Closed wounds, but they still bleed. Once again you are in my mind, Opened eyes, but I'm still blind. ; I know it's hard for you; So confused, what to do? Fear inside you di...

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10. Never Give You Away

It's been a long time ago; Since we last met; I thought I'm over you; But now I know the best; I hold you in my arms; Your heart beats next to mine; So I wander how and why; I made this up inside? Cho...

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11. Nowhere

Here, in this room; I try to clear my mind; But I can't stop thinking of what we had; On this day; Memories will never leave me now; Dream away; I'm heading for that place; Where shadows rule; And eve...

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12. Raven In Heart

Something is missing; To my soul; I'm trying to reach; I'm trying to know. ; Morning rain; Spoke to me; "Go in the forest, Swim over the sea!"; I'll go on the highest mountain; With my faith, hiding n...

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13. Second Sun

Tonight together; We dance for the last time, My star on Earth; Sweet soul of mine. ; Coldness on moonlight; Footprints in the snow, I will be gone; Before you know; For the last time... ; Stay around...

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14. Vejte Snegovi

Hej, vejte snegovi; Silm smetovi zavejte mu put; Da joj ne ide, da je ne vidi; Jer umirrem sasvim za njim... ; Hej, gde ste snegovi; Divlji vetrovi sakrijte joj lik; Da zaboravi i da je ostavi; Jer um...

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15. When Day Fades To Dark

Your eyes are; Like two galaxies; Tears can hide them; Please don't ever cry. ; So here I am; Far away again, You gave me peace; Erased the pain. ; Now when day; Fades to dark; I long for you; You are...

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