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1. Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror; Glowing pain is burning in the soul; Wound struck by bolt of lightning. ; Nothing matters any more. ; Gods of darkness laughing in the mirror; Because the black, flower of hope is; Bloo...

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2. Dreams

Dreams; The voice of the soul happy people have, Hiding in a lake of beauty. You can't please for the world of life; And submit to the ruling strength. ; Where would you go you dreaming spirit; If you...

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3. Following

He is back; He returnes and dwells in me again; I saw him dying; I thought he was dead, I buried him; I destroyed his grave and regard; I forgot his name and reflection; I destroyed his way to throne;...

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4. From The Depth Of Heart

From The Depth Of Heart; Do you recall me through years any more; Those dreams day - dreamed together long before. Still flowers in you hair, but not like then; Revived sentiments smarting from the de...

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5. It's Time

He craved for glory; But life left him alone; Now nothing will be like before; It hurts that is enough; Run while no one cares; It is too late to die; Rise your hopes from dust; And keep them deep in ...

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6. Life

Life; Spirit seeks for sun in dark; Seeing no light in the eyes; The lost hopes he never finds; How the power runs in the blood; Imperious and heart tearing; And thoughts deviating from the aim; Mingl...

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7. Night Breath

Night Breath; I'm walking 'round in the night; People disappear, silent roams on the streets; You're not by my side; But thoughts gather only around you; Cause you're got something; I can love etrnall...

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8. Northwind

Northwind; In this calm when the sky is burning; And the earth sleeps in the serenity of ice; The sigh crosses it all over; As the whisper, as hardly perceptible touch; With the first burning dawns; E...

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9. Regret

You cry me the rain, You drawn the pain, The blame is simply yours, It's your another day; All your mistakes; Drive you insane, It's all the same... ; You pray at night, And say I'll find another way,...

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10. Shadows In Rain

Shadows In Rain; Like a life you pass away. Sensing the smell of you body. And the mildness of you skin; Being like rosy flowers. ; Stays the broken heart and the broken soul; Like an accidentally sma...

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11. The Beat Of Heart

The Beat Of Heart; The beat of heart counts appointed time for you. All pains of soul you hold; And cry all tears of sadness, Vainly heart burns in blazes of feelings. ; Yearning haunts your heart lon...

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12. The Way Back Is Gone

Something is pulling me back; But way back is gone; There is only, only eternal darkness; There is only, only empty rage; There is only, there is only void; Wings of sadness; With a shadow cover me; D...

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13. Under The Gray Clouds

Under The Gray Clouds; Your blind eyes will look for the lost paradise; Under the grey clouds. You'll got lost yourself seeking this paradise; Under heavy silver clouds. ; In the morass of life you fe...

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14. Upe

Upe; Esi kâ gaisma; Spilgta prâtam netverama. Esi kâ tumsa; Melna dvçsli nospiedoða. ; Jûtâm uzliesmojot, Izraudi asaras sâïas. Liktenim krîtot. Sâpes izkliedz skaïi. ; Laiks plûst, plûst kâ straume; ...

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15. Zemes Speks

Zemes Speks; No manas zemes stipra elpa nâk; Lîdz manâm saknçm ticis kâds; Plçst manas dzîslas sâk; Kam savas dzîves nav; Es rîtausmu norimuðu redzu tâlumâ; Es vârdus debesîs kaltus dzirdu sevî; Caur ...

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