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1. 1867

Norse mythology was brought to the new world; In a time when Vikings roamed our land; Epic stories in verse have drifted through the ages; And the relics of time lay forevermore; In 1867 a colony had ...

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2. A Plague Called God

Sheltered by the absence of light; Hidden beneath this cloak of death; I am the entity beyond the grace of God; For I am the fall from redemption; Devoured within your own deceit; You are the plague f...

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3. Black Choirs Of Melancholy

Endless choirs from the fog; Take thy soul far beyond; Lead me to my shallow grave; And forever shall I remain; While the creatures of the night; Roam beneath the moonlight; Infinite flames torch the ...

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4. Conquest For Supremacy

A battle for the ages their empire will surely fall; A death in pure vengeance listen now and heed the call; Flowing with crimson streams this is the warriors last stand; Torn by such anger listen all...

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5. Denying Salvation

Through the infinity of our souls; We have many answers which we do not know; Through the infinity of this life; We must face the angst of such strife; Denying salvation; And the chains of despair; De...

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6. Enlightened By Darkness

Daylight has abandoned all; And so we seek forbidden calls; The gloom of unholy spirit; Is the doom of haunting cries; A voyage for the soulless; A departure from our lives; The need to rise above and...

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7. Exiled From Heaven

His personal quest; Is to condemn the life you feel; But not knowing, he is inside; God cannot save you; You are damned within his presence; But still not knowing, he dwells within; Feel his essence; ...

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8. Fornicating With Fire

Summon…The passion of the Serpent Queen; Summon…The obsession of her sinful ways; Summon…The temptress of the Fire God; Summon…The temptress with the burning pits of hell; Obey…Cunning ways of decepti...

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9. Reclaiming Vengeance

Trapped far beyond sickly despair; The scent of death is contained within the air; Lead far beyond your eternal grave; Your soul shall never, shall never be saved; Reclaiming vengeance for their atroc...

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10. Sanctified In Hate

Within the hands of Armageddon; Zero tolerance is the law; Within the hands of abomination; Oh such weakness is the flaw; Casting down silhouettes; A tearful cry from the lips; Allegiance of such igno...

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11. Scars Of Damnation

One night feeling alone within; You’ve filled this heart full of sin; One night, awake, dreary and alone; Absent I lie dead to the unknown…; Oh I feel that the walls are caving in; A vision so dead to...

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12. Sin After Sin

As human beings becoming we can be so vulnerable; Oh to see so clearly would be a sinful vision indeed; Oh to feel the pain; Of centuries; Sin after sin; An ageless prodigy; The eyes of the beholder s...

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13. Slave To Temptation

A deep desire to feed off of ones very own tragedies; A growing need to feed off of one’s very own enemies; A devil upon your shoulder provoking you to gratify; An overwhelming desire to attack and to...

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14. Spheres Of Decadence

Amidst the eternal quest for divine reason; An arcane life force amongst all who will betray; Spheres of decadence... corruption within grace; Lead me beyond the threshold that awaits; Spheres of deca...

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15. Sworn Unholy

Lord of the plague and lunacy; Evil calls upon thee; Mother of abomination; Guide thee with your will; Elder Gods of Creation; Lead thee into desolation; Shrub Niggurath, Goat Of Kings; In your heart ...

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16. The Deepest Of Revelations

A sad, sad story it was; Betrayed by the deepest of trust; Failure bent kingdoms of pain; Words of betrayal are slain; And with dawn awaits the trial; Faith absent in denial; Hounded for beliefs to ho...

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17. Victory Or Death

Unbending for the next battle; Bravery provided with implements; Emerging beyond the landscape; Enemies await in feeble presence; Shades of shining glory; Collide with crimson death; And all shall be ...

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