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1. Beautiful

Veronica [Falando]; September 1st, 1989. Dear Diary; I believe I'm a good person; Ya know, I think there's good in everyone; but here we are first day of senior year; I look around at all these kids; ...

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2. Dead Girl Walking

The demon queen of high school; Has decreed it; She says Monday, 8 am; I will be deleted; They'll hunt me down in Study Hall; Stuff and mount me on the wall; Thirty hours to live; How shall I spend th...

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3. My Dead Gay Son

Ram'S Dad; You wait just a minute, Paul! It is ignorant; hateful talk like yours that makes this world; a place our boys could not live in! They were not dirty! They were not wrong! They were two lone...

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4. Prom or Hell?

Dear Diary; I'm going steady; Mostly he's awesome; If a bit too rock and roll; Lately he's bumped off; Three of my classmates; God, have mercy on my soul; They were just seventeen; They still had room...

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5. Shine a Light (Reprise)

Heather Mcnamara; Stupid child proof caps! Heather Duke; Awe, look! Heather's going to; All; Whine, whine, whine all night! Heather Duke; You don't deserve to live! All; Why not kill yourself? Heather...

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