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1. Again

You watched me go; I left you in the cold; And I can’t find; Someone to love me so; And it seems as though; Your worlds falling apart; And it seems as though; He is closer to your heart; CHORUS:; I’m ...

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2. All You Wanted

I wanted to be like you; I wanted everything; So I tried to be like you; And I got swept away; I didn't know that it was so cold And; You needed someone; To show you the way; So I took your hand and w...

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3. Burdens

Take me now... ; Trapped in your thoughts unknown; You feel so empty and alone; Could you find an un-cast stone; The ones that cut your flesh and bone; I need you Lord; Yes I need you my God; You surr...

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4. Driving Song

Cause I’m having the time of my life; I wanna drive with my windows down; And wave as the world passes me by; I’ll turn the radio up; And try to sing so high; Open road lay in front of me; And only th...

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5. I Belong

You know the things that cause me pain; Always feeling like its me to blame; But you come and you take my hand; You life me up so I can stand; CHORUS; I’m not alone anymore; You come fill me like no o...

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6. Lost

Even though I love you; I have to do this for my own sanity; And even though I love you; I know that we can never be; But I have fallen, I have fallen, for you; But who will save me, who can save me, ...

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7. Over You

I put your picture away; So I couldn’t see your smile; It was the hardest thing; I had to do for a while; But now its like I’ve got brand new wings; Can anyone tell me what this means? CHORUS; Am I ov...

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8. Sorry

Why can’t you figure out; What you have done; You can’t change all the lies; That you have strung; Search yourself; CHORUS; Sorry is that so hard to say; Why do you have to be this way; Pride isn’t so...

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9. Waiting

I’m waiting for you; Feeling like a little child; My hearts impatient; And my mind is running wild; And can you find me; Even though I’ve been so lost? And I’m waiting for you; And I’m waiting and wat...

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10. With Me

And breathing used to come so easily; Now I can’t hardly breathe; Afraid that you will leave me; And that you won’t return; CHORUS; And is it something; Or am I crazy; That I want you here; With me (2...

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11. Words Unspoken

Take my heart and break it; Take my mind forsake it; You took a part of me; That others couldn’t see; And Open up your eyes; Can’t you see; Love isn’t blind? CHORUS; I’m fallin’ deeper; And I can’t se...

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12. You And Me

Yeah... ; Its getting dark outside; The wind blows through the trees; Reminds me of the time; You said we’d always be; And I’m left here with all this confusion; And I wish that we could go back; CHOR...

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