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1. Brannigan's Special Ale

Within the town of Sutter Down, there is a tavern tale-; You never do think you to take a small drink you; of Brannigan's Special Ale-; Start seein' things real funny, and given half a chance, Start s...

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2. Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes, forget your every care, Picture faerie castles in the air-; Magic is in store for you, You may find your dreams come true, When you wake your wishes may be there-

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3. Courage Knows No Bounds

I looked across the battlefield, Blood seeping from my wounds-; My comrades, they did never yield, For courage knows no bounds-; And yet, I thought as I stood there, Of all that it had cost-; For what...

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4. Dance In The Circle

Out in the wood, there's a band of small Faeries, if you walk unwary at night-; They're laughing and drinking, and soon you'll be thinking, that you'd come to join in their light-; If they see you, yo...

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5. Flesh Against The Thorn

You gave me all that I would need, And made my wishes true-; And every night to me you?d plead, And I decline to you-; You?d stand there pale and acrid eyed, Yet softly say good night, Turn and walk o...

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6. March Of Cambreadth

Axes flash, broadsword swing, Shining armour's piercing ring; Horses run with polished shield, Fight Those Bastards till They Yield; Midnight mare and blood red roan, Fight to Keep this Land Your Own;...

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7. Midsummer

Cool breeze, sheltering trees, Deep within the glen-; All around, sound, on the ground, Footsteps fall of little men-; Now look wise, from your eyes, Tell me what you see, Too late! By fate! You belon...

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8. Only The Music

The swirling of dresses, the scuffing of shoes-; "Should my hair be in tresses?"; "What tie do I choose?"-; As the hall fills with dancers, and the strings start to sound-; We will take that first ste...

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9. Shattered Glass

Land of dreams, cloaked in grey, Rise again at dawn of day-; Thy new birth has come to pass, Land of dreams, now shattered glass-; Thou hast survived we know not how, None to care for thee till now-; ...

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10. Smoke Filled Pictures

Smoke fills the room, with castles in the air-; I weave them all upon a silver loom, look up if you dare-; (chorus); I wonder where I?m going, And where I belong, What this plastic world can offer me-...

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11. Tomorrow I Leave For Battle

Love me one more time, Make this night last forever, For on the morrow, I leave for battle-; I may survive, And I shall return to you, But come the morrow, I leave for battle-; (chorus); And if I die,...

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12. Wolfen One

Wolfen one, You are my midday moon and I, your midnight sun-; Wolfen one, Our journey?s at an end but life has just begun-; When first we met, I thought; That what I felt could not be true-; But throu...

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