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1. Breaking The Silence

Screaming for sanction with every breath; Break through the silence as you enter your quest; Misguided fortune, lost in your fear; When will you see what is so clear; Will we stand still and watch the...

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2. Control By Chaos

[Solo: Kragen]; We are controlled by chaos in a world left for dead; The masses have been betrayed; Corrupt the innocent, and rape the poor; Replace the preordained; I've seen the good and the bad and...

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3. Goblin's Blade

Walking the path of no return; Lurks the evil that lives within; Shattered dreams of many men; Who tried to cross the bridge of sin; I'm the one who lives to tell the tale; Of the mythical demon that ...

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4. Hypnotized

Masses form into religion to fulfill their lives; Seeking answers in the bible, hear their helpless cries; Mindlessly, no thought, they follow false prophets of the flesh; Depend on the spirit of the ...

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5. In Memory Of

i'll never be the same; "never" forever our lives were changed knowing the memory of you; nothing last forever, no never; nothing ever stays the same; theirs really no one to ble; we live and we die, ...

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6. No Stone Unturned

I'm looking for a reason, I'm watching the signs; This head on collision is a race against time; Is this an illusion? It seems so unreal; This manifestation is drawing me near; Something to grab a hol...

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7. Open The Grave

Feel the heat from the sweat of the cold; Bodies withered decyed and old; They lay beneath the cold, black earth; The final resting place, destined form birth; Buried alive in a prison below; Left to ...

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8. Opiate Of The Masses

The future is scarred by the bloodstained past; Haunted by disgrace; Holy wars that are never ending; Forever fight of faith; Don't accuse these meaningless symbols; Created by mankind; Will they reco...

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9. Pray For Death

Conquering the ages with their endless plan; Threatening the future of the new world man; Ultra technology in our wake; Who will make the last mistake; Billions ar espent for our defence; To protect o...

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10. Save The Skull

Timeless shadow stalking the night; Search for a victim before the new light; Demented by shame, lost in his pain; When will his hunger stop; Carving the flesh from her succulent chest; Through the fo...

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11. The Holy War

If you will adore me; Bow before me and praise my name; If you place no god before me; Then all I have is yours to claim; And if God is in the heavens; Why did God let children die; If you don't ask t...

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12. Worlds End

Beyond in time the Astron glows; Tune into your inner past; The intervals of light; Between two successive nights; The mind predicts the maze; Cold and dense, but fast as light; Mercury, the messenger...

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