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1. A Summer's Tale

Went for a walk on summers day; Never had a clue what would come my way; Into the forest I did stray; Only companion was a flag of ale; Wandering in to the forest deep; Weary that I was I collapsed in...

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2. Foretelling The Raven Age

Foretelling the Raven Age; Rids my heart of the rage; Cleanse the lands of Christian ways; Born again the Heathen days; For countless moons they pound below; Hammer of Gods ascend then fall; Bringing ...

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3. Heathen Battlecry

26th november 2006 you did heed the call to arms; And you formed a pagan army to change these tragic times; To battle drums we marched together destination unclear; But the fire raging within our hear...

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4. Into Foray

Onward we march to war; Family and friends we are fighting for; To face indestructible foes; Give me the strength to wield my sword; We fight together side by side; Into the foray nowhere to hide; Ove...

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5. Unearther

We have been waiting, for so very long; During that time, their army's grown strong; Even with you, by our side; Thoughts of defeat I cannot deny; When you ran away, on that terrible day; Many did say...

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