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1. Don't Wake Me Up

The party is almost done; We've had our share of drinks; And fun and the sun is coming up; Kiss me one last time; So i can feel like i'm alive; Before i wake up in my room; If only i could; Touch your...

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2. For What It's Worth

It's 4 a.m. at night and the street lights sillouhette against the sky; tomorrow holds us down but doesn't break us; Another car goes by, another life they'll never know just why; tomorrow holds them ...

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3. Lullaby

I wrote you this song for your ears and only yours; I wrote you this song to say i love you so; and show you how there's no single doubt i cant live without you; Here's a lullaby to remember me by; an...

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4. Midkiss July

Thousands of lights burning like embers; Smoke in the sky darker than ever; I've never be so uninterested; Than when I'm up here with you; The stars can't do this justice no comet that flies by; Will ...

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5. Sweet Wonder

Im afraid of your sweet wonder; loving you makes me stronger but your love makes me weak; if i ever lost anything so beautiful, beauty would be forever lost; im afraid of the future, but im ready to s...

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