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1. Breathe

Breathe; I never thought that i could beat you on your own game; Wrap you up inside a pill and swallow you whole; You know it, you feel it, I’m over you now; You’re lost and found you’ll get by someho...

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2. I'm Not There

Further seems forever now; You’re far away from me; And losing ground; At other times I’d kill myself; Time and time again; To prove you wrong; But now I’m better than I’ve ever been before; I need no...

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3. Pool Party Song

Pool Party song; You see I’m a boy waiting for a sign to become a man; Don’t you understand you could be my ticket to ”adulthood”; I’ve been Robin Hood but I could turn to Romeo; And you don’t have to...

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4. Reign On Me

Reign On Me; The road to nowhere is leading me somewhere; I feel happy by your side again; Summer and winter, autumn and spring; We’ve been through almost everything; And just now I feel like I learne...

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5. Royal Flush

Royal Flush; You left a bad taste in my mouth; You turned your head to clear it out; That’s rather deceiving; You drew your first breath at my porch; You had me whole but still you’re bored; I did eve...

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6. Ten Things I'm Not Without You

Ten things I’m not without you; Without you I can’t tell wrong from right; Peace from mind and truth from lies; Without you I’m just an ordinary man; Looking for a place to call my own; Without you I ...

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