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1. Demons

Pick up the pieces from the game I've lost; I should have known that I was losing from the start; When I look back and see the pain that I've caused; Will I regret all the awful things I've done? They...

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2. Disconnected

Oh, my feet have carried me beyond your memories; to places you cannot be. Breathe in the oxygen where I am. I know you can feel me, the hairs stand on your neck. Can you remember what brought us here...

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3. Hollow

I pray to the sun as the world grows dimmer; The fire fades an I'm alone; There will be no solace in this journey; No peace until my mind erodes; Hollow hollow; Don't let me go; Hollow hollow; Whisper...

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4. Legacy

I've decided that today is the day; To make a stand against the weak who resist the change; So speak your mind, or take your tongue to the grave; And give the young a chance to wash away the stains; W...

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5. Manipulate

I've been biting my tongue; The line has been crossed and now there is hell to pay; Enough is enough; The truth's coming out if you like it or not; Manipulate: it's the way you paint yourself into a s...

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6. Nothing You Didn't Deserve

I'm tired of this shit. The consequence of your actions will leave you scarred. Your eyes are telling a lie. Why couldn't you just be mine? Trust me. What's the worst that could happen to you? What is...

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7. Pressure Point

You sneak your way in while I'm sleeping; You're like a rat living life in a hole; Abuse my body while I'm dreaming; In search of silver and gold; Steal a piece of me; Spread your disease to everythin...

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8. Ready To Change

All my life I've been defined by hiding the scars on my soul; But, given time, I'd be fine, if I could learn to let go; I'm sorry, but I'm closer to fixing those mistakes I've made; Take me into your ...

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9. Rhinestone

I'm sick of running myself in the ground; I need to try to find my way out; But all of the lights; Bright as they are lead back to you; How could I bring myself to be used? I should have learned from ...

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10. Set Me Free

One more day; I never thought you'd leave, but I packed up all your things; Never had a clue you lied to me, but now it's plain to see; We both had doubts, but we still had each other; And that's all ...

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11. Skeleton

I've forgotten how to feel; These nights, they chill me; Light the way to something real; And save me from myself; You chase the cold from me; With you I'm learning to see; I just need you to know; I ...

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12. Unbreakable

I can see I'm at the end of my rope; It's a terrible feeling to lose control; I've seen the sign, here, at the end of the road; It says there's no turning back; But I swear I'm never letting go; This ...

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13. Where Did I Go Wrong

Give me time, give me time to prove that; I'm worth the life that you risked to lose. Cuz your eyes were as lost as my time on you. The mistakes you made were yours to choose. Give me words to say... ...

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