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1. Proxima Centauri

A devastated homeland; The planet laid to waste; The lack of every hope; No future we foresee; Life on Earth is doomed; Intoxicated, burned; Radiations are the legacy; Inheritance is death; A long tra...

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2. Solar Wind

Life is an illusion; Wich never comes to an end; There’s no death in this domain; Only a neverending breath; I remember me on the shore; Under the blu sky of childhood; Listening at the salty wind; Wh...

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3. The Evil Tree

The Sun sets on this valley; Carbonized by nuclear blasts; Soon darkening the remains; Where mutants life forms dwell; Unburied bones lie scattered; And dead devices rust; The DNA of a dead world; Awa...

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4. The Last Experiment

Awakening from a long dream; Where i believed my world was true; I realize my eyes can't open; To see the thing that now I am; I cannot feel my body; I cannot move my arms; There’s only silence out th...

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