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1. Body Of Memory

emulated vibration of fluid; reception recall of future land billions of minds; screaming of life digital random dreams floating; in tactile memories eyeless shape glowing face; motoring

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2. Components

Components; ; center lanes a winter life for; components of lies someone surrendered; century of wonderments for what we've all seen; dive in/and surrender; centuries of silent nights being dancers of...

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3. Immortal

Immortal; ; upload your self soul in binary; and live eternally convergence neural; connection sensory feedback mechanism; infinity event horizon continuity beyond; recognition seductive naked plastic...

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4. Orbit Shift

Orbit Shift; ; feel undone; move to another plane; embrace the time to come; orbiting another sun; process of evolution culture; human patterns movement of nature; elevate online evolve over time; sat...

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5. Sentinel

Sentinel; ; beyond event horizon; under a spectral sky; thousands of distant voices surround; in silent suffer; long time another sun gone; I know i've been denied to other worlds now; I don't need an...

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6. Silent Running

Silent Running; ; no matter where oblivious in; shadows of since you left away all one's sight; is on being here; no matter where oblivious in shadows once you; came to stay so much has changed here; ...

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7. Singularity

Singularity; ; see and believe the circle went down; sights maybe we wont die; remember me in no man's land what becomes; severed; the time to be alone to live it we belong to be; alone it will never ...

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8. Submariner

Assuming my destiny meant; To wonder to be far/alone dreaming of endless; Mountains over a seafloor area; Assuming my destiny ment to wonder to be; Far/alone something to reflect then meet thy; Own co...

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9. Vacuum Tube

Vacuum Tube; ; electromagnetic switches; integrated circuits the same things the same; reasons; the numbers deviate; the numbers create; the numbers communicate; connecting people; connecting percepti...

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10. Zenith

foward backward in dynamic rotation; foward backward until the overflow superficial; and consciousness artificial energy

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