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1. Don't Let It Go To Your Head

And you're beautiful; Don't you let it go to your head; And you're wonderful; Would you let me come in my bed; And you look so high; When you gonna fall back down; And there's a chemical; Even when yo...

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2. Drive Me Out

Isolation; Keeps me lying in the bed; Television; Burns the vision in your head; I could get away; Take a moment in the sun; Motivation; Made a fool of everyone; Lay me down; Lay me down; I can't see ...

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3. Frenemies

I think you've got me confused; With tragic people you used; I know what you're all about; And now I'm selling you out; Who needs friends when I've got frenemies; And who needs time when you've wasted...

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4. Gone

Everybody has a pain that you regret; Everybody has a name that you forget; If you want to take a minute you can write this whole thing down; Everybody has a voice in their own head; And everybody wan...

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5. Here We Go

I lay down for you; Lost and lonely in space; I'd go blind for you; You wipe the smile from my face; Crack my spine for you; I think I've been here before; Take my time with you; But now I think I'm r...

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6. I'm Not A Freak

I don't need the introduction; It's just me; I don't need the interuptions; Uncuff me; Because I'm not a freak; I'm not a freak; And the only thing that I really know; Is I don't know much about anyth...

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7. Less Than Beautiful

I thought we could be friends; I just watch your lips they never seem to end; I thought things would be fine; You take what you like as long as it's not mine; Again, again; I hate to disappoint you; I...

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8. Say Something

I gave you sunshine; That left you half blind; But it's not enough; I (dug) you flowers; For half an hour; But it's never enough; I see your lips move; But you don't say anything; I feel the whole roo...

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