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1. Breathing

I was seeking something clean and pure; and now i cant stop this heart for sure; the sad days are gone for me; you killed the pain and brought me back again; im looking out my window; everything is so...

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2. Bullsized

If i turn around and see your lies; while you see through my disguise; Thousand times cant put it out; why do i think it can be done; you left your ache and pain for me; i gave my love and trust to yo...

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3. Delicate

Like a raging flow inside me, it burns inside my skin; And into the blindness I see you; You return so innocent and pure; But nothing I hear can stop this; It's all in my head, it's full of shit; 'Cau...

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4. Drifting Away

Ive always blamed it on you; Never tried to understand; Ive always thought that you know; That my life was in your hand; Ive been told all my life to shut up; I dont want it, i never speak; I am so sa...

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5. Fed Up

i had enough of this place; i just want some silence; there's too much noise in my head; i need to end this now; i wonder why you act this way; something is wrong but you won't say; what you are keepi...

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6. Feel Like Porn

You tell me what to feel like; I never had my own mind; But you need to see what i see; Dont think you know me; You think i am what im not that i am i; Who am i - just another wannabe wanna be; inside...

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7. Freefall

Life goes on, just another empty day; Finding it hard to find something to say; cant seem to figure things out; Dont have a clue of what its all about; Hiding in the shadows of my past; Trying to get ...

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8. Jump The Bridge

Give me one good reason why, you shouldnt let the rope around your neck and die, take a good look at your life, then slit your wrist with that knife, where you lie awake and open, i hope you wish, tha...

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9. Mindworks

I cant say to you what i really felt; you would never see why i dont believe; my secret is a lie you can never tell me why; im about to leave a mark in history; every person should be free; thats how ...

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10. Nangijala

Abandoned - I'm feeling so much; Im empty - There's a hole right through me; Like dirt - Om treated by you; Im asking - for just one chance; But no - my life has another way; i just hope - it wont be ...

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11. Not The Same

You are me inner thoughts; Youre still inside of me; You are my precious one; And i want you to be the same; I hope you come back soon; To the way you were before; I want you to explain to me; Who the...

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12. On My Own

point the way i won't listen, cause i don't trust you; tell me how and i will do, something different than you; just sit back and shut your face, i don't trust you; let me do my own mistakes, cause yo...

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13. Retina

I see myself again; I've done everything wrong to you; Regret all the things I've said; But in the end I spoke the truth; So many stupid acts I've played; So many times I've seen us fade; See into my ...

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14. Silk

I cant let go, its like the air i breathe; I cant say no; Cause what you speak is true; You must know; Im a part of what you have done; i never will, give up and watch you go; My heart stand still; ca...

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15. Sin

Sin; I'm stuck in this lie, can't breathe; I can die; I'm stuck with this fear, can't see, I cannot hear; See the lie always on me, so scared I cannot see; Please turn around from me, JUST SEE THAT AL...

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16. Step Back

It's like every time I think about it; Your distress and I go on; In two sentences I can't say no; And before my eyes I won't let go; Cause I'm hidden here with you; Thinking about another way through...

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