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1. Bastard Child

Your son, a result of sepsis, just another forme of adultery. Aprobated by your “holy” intentions, misled through your hypocrisy. ; Chorus:; Bastard child, bastard child, you gave birth to malformatio...

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2. Despair

Last seconds of life, first moments of clarity. After all, the truth; doesn’t seem to be real. ; Chorus:; Those who seek utopia, only find despair. Trapped in psychic torment, the endless fall down. ;...

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3. Genital Screwdriver Mutilation

I go out at night, pretending to be the one, the guy you’ve always searched but never found. Glamorous, listening, in short; a real gentleman, you’ll never think it’s just a game I play. ; Driving bac...

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4. Ingrained Frenzy

Staring with eyes that mean nothing. Abandoned, all grief pushed into sin. I can’t handle all of this anymore. Something snaps inside, feeding my disgorge. Ooh!! ; Resulting into enduring nothingness,...

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5. Rest In Pieces

Disguised and unobserved, deluding my victim, not aware of things to come. ; Tied up and tortured, pain overcomes consciousness, drown her in the bathtub. ; Submerging in shit, contaminated arse lust,...

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6. Slaves Of Society

How does it feel to be a fuckin’ slave, to be a puppet of a sick society. Controlled and hold between the lines. ; Can’t you see, they steal your own view; and rape the face of your identity. Nicely p...

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7. The Lisboa Man (rossio Square)

Walking in the subway of Lisbon, taking the stairs to the surface. Who would have thought that a monster, a piece of human trash, dwells on the streets. ; Look at him, someone said, I stared and stood...

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8. The Morbid Deceased

How can one describe; the stench of rotten bodyparts, or the view of sweet little; infant arms pulled out. Meathooks ripping through; their flesh and brains. ; Chorus:; Innocent and harmless, screamin...

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