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1. Black Rider

Under this tree so dead, in forests cold and black; Buried deep in dirt and blood I'm waiting to come back; When victims are condemned by evil witches' call; I raise to come for you and then I will ki...

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2. Burning Cross

It started after the lost civil war; And soon the thing began to grow and grow; They come at night, their order is kill; The ku klux klan fucks up minorities; A burning cross, the devil is white; A mi...

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3. Deny

Existing like all others do in endless emptyness; Eternal slaves of morbid minds, helpless and blind; From the cradle to the grave you never had a chance; Year by year and day by day you can't escape;...

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4. Dying Day

Lift your head up to the sky, your day of doom is here; No more anger hate or pain, no more hope or fear; It's time to take your final breath, breathe it like a hero; Your countdown to extinction is o...

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5. Evil Rules

Bad life, mean dreams, locked gates, dark schemes; Tough work, no cash, cheap whores, white trash; All this fighting every day; Get away is what I say; Pale skies, hard rain, all men insane; No fun, t...

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6. Forbidden Intentions

It's two past midnight, the heat is on; The only night I walk alone; Time is running. I'm a bonded man; But I'll break the chains I'm in; She's beside me, ready for a thrill; Can't resist her, get in ...

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7. Forced To Kill

Under shadows in the dark; In nightmares deep and black; I hide, I rest, until a call; Is telling me: Come back! It's not my game, it's witches' spell; That gets me on the killing run; I'm forced to s...

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8. Headless Beast

Modem life is just insane; Everywhere is hate and pain; And greed drags ever on; Until all days are gone; Living here can make you sad; Everybody's going mad; Hard to get along; Mankind's going wrong;...

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9. Maniac

Acting like a madman, coming from behind; I can make you cold as stone, deaf dumb blind; Lurking in the shadows, creeping through the night; I will take you as my prey, tear you from the light; Madnes...

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10. Mortal Fear

Late at night, sky is clear; If you listen you will hear; Sounds of chanting drawing near; Prepare for death and follow me; Cauldron stirring, dancing 'round; Wind a'wailing, eerie sound; Spirits risi...

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11. Riding With The Deadman

Riding with a dead man's car, he's sitting next to me; Skull and bone, an eyeless face is all that I can see; We speed along, my body shakes; A gift of doom, we won't get far; We bum the road... ! Rid...

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12. Run For Your Life

I stood up in the morning yet; With a bad feeling in my mind; I looked out, of my door; There were brewed clouds of war; Far away from native land; They will prevent with a war of conquest; Military b...

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