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1. Adonai

Understand; It's for the sake; Of every men; That I must take ? This all will back; To make things right; I'll attack; I gave you flight; I'll rise the generation up to be my soldiers; I'll tie my hea...

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2. Die Religion Die

I’m sick of all your rules; They're so man-made; You treat them all like fools; You put my name to shame; I’m everything you’re not; I give them love; My ways you have forgot; You put yourselves above...

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3. Flush

Look at my face, I'm all sucked up; I think I'll sleep all day; I get the spins, When my eyes are shut, I hate feeling this way; Flush all the puke I'm throwing up! In the toilet this sucks! Not a par...

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4. Home

My little boy, bow your head in shame; You've disgraced your father's name, And now, it's time you choose; Your little toys won't save you from shot ten; Without me you will not win, No, I swear you'l...

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5. L.o.v.e

I gave you everything; All the pain life brings; Just to get you to; Come back to me; I want to give you light; I don't want to ever fight; Stop resisting and come home to me; You're so afraid of love...

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6. Loyalty

Let's make a hit; We'll be so rich and famous; We'll have it all; We'll be everyone's favorite; No way, I won't sell out; For the money; Kill me, I'd rather die; It took us ten years, To build a fan b...

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7. Money

Look at yourself; You can't even get to sleep; Boy, you love your wealth; You bow down to your money; You got what you want, but it won't get you far; Was it what you thought? You forgot who you are; ...

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8. Re-bel

Mom and dad are not happy they fight every night; They can't even get through just one day without a fight; Mom and dad don't notice me they work six days a week; Sundays we all go to church but we do...

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9. Save Me From Myself

Another day in life, which way will I go? Will I pick suicide? How do I say no? The demons are calling me; Just one more line; Voices echoing in my head; These thoughts aren't mine; Chop it, snort it;...

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10. Washed By Blood

I know you've tried; To satisfy; Your appetite; For too long; You wonder why; You are alive; You've lived a lie; For too long; So now you're done; Life isn't fun; Anymore; What's this life for? These ...

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