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1. Michael J. Fux

Lonely corpse at the camp river rapids gave him faints life fantasy; Attacked threw his arms in the paint there's not a song you can sing; To clean the leak off the sheets sharpen up your smiles pile ...

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2. New Soak For An Empty Pocket

New soak! hot bed! empty pockets! there's a ghost in the medicine cabinet; There's a cold bath crawling through my blankets. blue envelopes keep; Sealing shut. send me back. organs so pissed, yeah the...

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3. Radical Friends

I've got these radical friends broken lips, rainbow violence pink clouds on; A razor mountain, we're running through a city of head wounds, holding; Hands night frowns in the city of head wounds, so t...

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4. Street College

Eye's gagging! under neon lights. youth wrecked! white loads of wasted; Time. youth spent! listen to the fingernails singing on the chalkboard. yeah! Watch the teachers pet. yeah! he's just a heart at...

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5. Thrash Zoo

We spent the night locked in the thrash zoo! we spent the night locked in; The thrash zoo! elegant hands knit delicate plans, pissing nonsense again; Dicks keep on coming:; mouths keep on going, crank...

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