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1. Do u Believe In U

Love is all we've got now; So keep the vibe alive; You think that you are falling; And open up your eyes; You feel this far is amazing; You try to run or hide now; 'Cause your feelings are going again...

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2. Don't Let Go

Go; You'd better believe; Don't let go; This time; You'd better believe; I'll be waiting right here; He would do everything; That keeps me going on

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3. Forever

You're the one who cares; You're the one who lives; Be my angel, I just need to see; When you touch my ear; When you watch my lips; You can make my soul as big as be; Come with me to say and pray; Fol...

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4. Forget Me

Many stupid blind me; And I fell into your glam cheats; You played with my feelings, you'll pay for this; Look no worries then; I'm bitter; As I'm talking with those; I know you are regretful; But I c...

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5. In Your Eyes

Now, my little and perfect heart; But turn it to real when you smile when you talk; Time, I've spend with you; Did love you when you touch me; With your heart with your mouth; In your eyes, I see the ...

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6. My Hero

I remember when I was a child; You were the prince of my mind; I remember what I felt inside; I never thought that this could be; But you were there in all my dreams; And now we know it's time to thin...

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7. Pray

I'm trying to, control myself; There was a game; We used to blink; We're here to leave; The past behind; There was a time; I used to be friend; Do you pray, pray, pray? I used to pray, pray; I used to...

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