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1. Not Everything Is Lost

Look for.. Look for hope; Not everything is lost. ; In darkness; we walk these days; and everything seems lost. ; It seems lost but dude, not everything is lost. I know it's gone but dude, not everyth...

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2. Re-evolve

Listen, we live in fear. live in despair. we live chasing no hope. Speak against all those who bring us down, who waste our air. Confront thinking ahead. don't talk too loud better to act. Don't trust...

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3. Save Yourself

We are going straight to a shit hole. We are all ready in line. One-two, who’s the next one in line? One -two- three, we are cattle in line. ( 1st VERSE); Run away- run and save yourself(x2) (CHORUS);...

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4. War Against War

Pull the trigger again; Pull the trigger and kill’em all. Keep feeding us with lies. Innocents in distress; bleeding and suffering. ; Send us to fight a war; Send us to fight and kill’em all. Children...

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5. When Kingdom's Colapse

I'm not part of your product. I don't raise your flag; I don't wear your uniform; Your system is going to fall; We'll see you falling; It’s our time to stand FIRM. ; Soon fake kingdoms will collapse. ...

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