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1. It Hurts

Let's go hunting baby; Make me the animal that I am; Or whatever so that I may be whole; You're the beauty and I am the beast; Oh... it's over; When it hurts, it hurts, you say; It hurts me so my love...

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2. Kiss From A Rose

There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea; You, became the light on the dark side of me; Love remains, a drug that's the high and not the pill; But did you know that when it snows; My eyes bec...

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3. Rapid Eye Movement

I am the answer to the question, question and why is; that? In order to learn you must read it backwards, fucker; (is heard played backwards); Gotcha! I am the father and I am the son; I am the holy w...

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4. Seven

I give you I give you I give you I give you I give you my heart; To hold in your folded hands, where it burns; Cold (Frail), cold and frail (Breaks); It breaks; Frail, (It’s cold it breaks in two...?)...

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