HDK (Hate, Death, Kill)

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1. Electric Soul

For many years I've lived in vain; Chained myself to a world of science; Unravel the mysteries of all that I am and all I want to know before I fade; The life to come will chant my name; I own the pat...

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2. Mortal Zombie

Lightning, the thunder roars as you give the prophecy; Grey, the sky above the ground crumbles under me; Hopeless, what in the world will ever become of me; A shell, walking the earth like a mortal zo...

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3. Revelation

(Choir); Synergy, vanity, apathy; Revelate, detonate, deviate; (Geert Kroes: OOh, the rise of dawn); (Geert Kroes); Yeah, you failed to take your responsibility; And your mind and your thoughts were o...

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4. System Overload

Epileptic seizure attack building up and coming back; The massacre beginning as I cross the threshold; Overload on information, bust in with no invitation; Tackling the mountain with a dirty blindfold...

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