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1. Body Parts

Lady friend, please take my hand; And I'll be yours forever; We're in the eye of the hurricane; But we can change the weather; Take me to the other side; Leaving all of this behind; Let me breathe for...

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2. Forbidden Lover

Last night I had a dream; But I was not asleep; Just lost in fantasies; Of you, and you and me; The door was locked up and we were left alone; It was dark and the music playing low; I could feel your ...

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3. Foreign Land

[Spoken German]; Dies ist ein Notfall; Kannst du die Sirenen hören? Niemand ist sicher; Dies wird mein letzter Versuch sein; Um Hilfe zu rufen; It's the way I feel; When I'm lying here with you; It's ...

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4. Heavy Crown

You wanna save my life; Wanna show me the light; You wanna kill the fire tonight; I'm gonna take control; 'Cause it's mad, mad world; So let me go, I'm ready for the fight; Not gonna kiss the hand tha...

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5. Soul 2 Stone

Hold my hand, kiss my lips; Take me home (take me home); Music plays, it's all the same; And I know (and I know); Nothing but another chapter; In his book of lies; He says that we'll be together; But ...

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