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1. All That

I believed; believed in you; The things you said; said not to do; You made the rules; you always broke; behind the scenes; its all a joke; well i believed; believed in you; ive come to realize the sad...

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2. Are You Ready?

We talk about it, Now be about it, It's not so hard to scream and shout it, Everybody's so down when it's safe and sound, You wanna prove something, well do it now, Are you ready to die for us, are yo...

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3. Back Home

I cant believe two years have gone by; I hold my head and think about the times; You know; I never thought Id leave there; But looking back now; I had to grow; Had to breathe; These city sreets; They ...

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4. Crossroads

I've been up and I've been down; I lost my way and; Nothing seems right today; Nothing will go my way; I pick myself up off the ground; And find my way; Wish something would change today; Wish somehow...

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5. Fool The World

I've been to many places; I've seen many faces; Soft and hard, battle scarred; I've seen prison bars; Not for long, but long enough to write this song; Right or wrong, I'm a product of a battle zone; ...

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6. In Memory Of

I don't remember much today; My memories of you are so vauge; But I will say, I feel you watching over me now; I hope that I've made you proud; 'cause I remember how you cared for me I was only three....

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7. Outro

We are startin somethin; We wont back down not for nothin; We rappin from the east to the west coast (2x); Hazen Street rock with some hip hop; We come a long way from the Biry blocks; I can't stop (c...

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8. Sorry

Im so sorry; ive been impossible I know; So used to being on my own; Living so wreckless; tell me what you want me to do; I know you want the best for me and you; And I hope you understand; That im tr...

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9. Stick Up Kid

Oh, I bet you never seen it coming. I see them running all too scared 'cause I am there, gun in hand. Hands up, everybody get 'em up! Hands up, 'cause I don't give a fuck! You could have shown me some...

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10. Tomorrow

As I lay blood soaked on this bed; I recite these prayers that have helped me out; Through many hard nights; Will I die by knife or will I be alright? Lisa, tell my mom I love her, just in case I lose...

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11. Trouble

So now that you're lying face down in the concrete; It seems to me that, you didn't understand these streets. No respect for me. Well you should think before you speak. I ain't even gonna try to lie, ...

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12. Written

It's written like the ink stains on my skin; the good book will tell that i have sinned; well I'm past that point of no return; so i hope that i dont burn, no! Ive done some bad i must admit; My life ...

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