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1. Be Remembered

Gotta show the world what you got; Pick a place go ahead pick a spot; Waiting for your time to shine; Make it happen now; It's a long way yet to the top; Never see the time if you stop; Close your eye...

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2. Bottoms Up

Move your hips, do your thang; Get off the wall, don't matter what they think; From your fingertips, to your toes; You know you hott, so let everybody know; Gotta take it low, to the floor; From The H...

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3. Bump

Too low; Turn it up some more; Too chill; To get us on the floor; Hot jam; Where's the volume at; Make it loud; Loud as it can get; You say; Bump up the groove; You say; 808; Makes you move; So big; W...

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4. Freakum Dress

To be or not to be; Not! Hold Up! Bring the beat back; Stop! I ain?t ready yet; Wait! Let me fix my hair; Oohh Oohh; Yes, Yes; Yes, ma?am Yes, ma?am; Now pass me my dress; Oohh Ohh; Verse 1; I think I...

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5. Goin' Crazy

Something bout your style; Got me freaking out (hey boy, hey boy); Gotta make you mine; And there ain't no doubt (hey boy, hey boy); You're really laid back; And you play it smooth (hey boy, hey boy);...

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6. Greatest X

My momma told me that this could happen to me; That he would grow to be this great man; But I just couldn't see; Cause I had my blinders on; I was in my zone; And I had the trought of us in my head; S...

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7. Hotline

Turn me up; H O T LETS GO; Ooh im so glad you came; Cause u are the cutest thing; Beauty should be ur name; And i should be your lady baby; Tell me where you been all my life; Cuz ur so sexy and i, Li...

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8. Keep On Keepin' On

Ooooh-ooohh; hey-yeeeah; You got to keep on keepin on; You got to keep your head up high; You gotta work with what you've got; And someday you will flyyyyy; [VERSE 1:]; Poor kids pouring cold water in...

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9. Let's Dance

The weekends almost done; The moon is low in the sky; I feel like goin out; Before the night passes by; I won't just sit around; When life becomes a drag; I dance; I like the bass (turn it up, turn it...

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10. Love Confusion

Don't know how wake up this far; So attach now and there's; Like a thief you stole my heart; And I fallen in love so unfairly; (boy I hate mine); World around you; (And I hate my life); Cause it hurts...

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11. Never Stop

Never Stop; Sometimes you feel your world is breaking down; Baby don't stop; There trouble everywhere, it's all around; Baby don't stop; Cause' I'm here to turn the corner with you; And when where tog...

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12. Not With U

I'd give anything, go anywhere, when it comes to your love; But the question that's burning in my heart, is whether it's strong enough; If you want me to stay, there's something we gotta do; Honesty i...

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13. Over It

You, got caught up; In all your stuff, And you didn't have the time to think about us; You tried to hide, Behind your lies; You have to face the consequence; I've lost my trust in you; And baby now we...

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14. Party Up (dance Remix)

You are driving me out of my mind; 'Cause you take me everywhere but out at night; What more do you need for me to get with you; [CHORUS:]; I didn't see this coming; Why don't you start me up? There's...

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15. Radar

Confidence is a must; Happiness is a plus; Edginess is a rush; Edges I like ‘em rough; A man with a Midas touch; Intoxicate me, on the rush (I'm a lush); Stop you're making me blush; People are lookin...

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16. Shy Boy

Oh, are you a shy boy? We're in the door, I get a smile from a fly boy; He seen me before, and makes his move like a fly boy; I'm sick and tired of them fly boys; It's bye bye boy; I'm in the lounge, ...

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17. So Cold

Love can be so cold; Love can be so cold; I think it's time that I told you the truth, yeah; 'Cause it's on my mind; So let me do what I gotta do, yeah; 'Cause it's someone else; So I can't see you no...

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18. Woek (put It In)

This ain't gon' be easy; Uh uh uh; You got it? You got it? Put it in. ; [Verse 1]; Tables turn into a situation; And you staring at my face; And you've been patiently waiting; I'm just leaning over, r...

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