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1. Breaking The Silence

They don't respect our honor; They don't respect our truth; They're pulling strings; That play our souls; They use beautiful words; They pull our face; We can't believe they things they do; They think...

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2. Feeling

Feeling the wind blowing in my face; I remember what happened to us; Staring at nothing; Blowing my mind; Can't forget what happened to us; Feeling my love again; Of course it's a misunderstanding; Fe...

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3. Human Nature

You're just like fire that's burning the beast; Stone breaking the bones; Just like a thunder that's tearing the sky; Like bat flying by the night; Flow like a river that doesn't stop; Nothing against...

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4. L.L.A. (Living Like Animals)

Killing to live; Living day by day; Killing to live; We born and die; To ensure the survival; Fighting face to face; With hate, yeah! The future is what you cannot afirm; It is uncertain; I don't real...

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5. Resist

Why do we have the illusion that our existance; (Doesn't matter); They say we're mean and we'll never see the diference; (Between the Good and Evil); Life may seem hard but it's a natural thing; We sh...

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6. Suicidal Genes

From my weakness I can see; All the good things in you; But I don't like this; Side of me; I can't get over you; I've lost belief in my life; Right now I must be more ellusive; In my crazy idealizatio...

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7. Take Control

Thirty five years to the end of the world; What you gonna do to save your soul; Thirty five ways to save water in this world; No matter what you do this is the end; I see the end is coming; I see the ...

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8. Tear Of The Soul

Living with phony friends; And trying not to lose control; So what's the point of being together; Makes me feel like nothing more; Sacrifice my ambitions; Of having something to live for; Can no longe...

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9. Time and The Wind

The time goes day by day; The night comes, it's time to die; So I rebirth another day; Short days like shoot to thrill; You cannot stop, time goes fast; Watch out, cannot die; Be careful, you'll paral...

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10. Under My Enemy

I'm my own enemy; I fight myself; I made bad choices; I don't feel quite well; My fear manipulates me; My thought deconcentrates me; I've lost control; Hold me I'm so confused, oh! Shadows blind my ey...

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