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1. Afterburner

Ready to rage like you're trapped in a cage; Living for the shred until you're dead; Amps all turned up to eleven; Bang your head it's metal heaven; Go! - entering a world of speed; Can't get a hold o...

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2. Arise

Obscured by the sun; Apocalyptic clash; Cities fall in ruin; Why must we die? Obliteration of mankind; Under a pale grey sky; We shall arise... ; I did nothing, saw nothing; Terrorist confrontation; W...

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3. Category Of The Dead

A stolen lie betrayed the race; Murder in the worst case; Royalties are lowlifes now; Apocalyptic genocide; Screaming "I don't want to die"; You told yourself it was a lie; How can all of this be real...

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4. Ivory Tower

Stuck in an ivory tower; They think paper equals power; No use to mankind; It's the blind leading the blind; How can they learn so much? But know nothing at all; Without a book for a crutch; Falling i...

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5. Melting The Mountain

Melting the mountain; The sseds of creation; Washing away all the impurities; Calling it vengeance; But we don't deserve this; Our saving grace is that we are free; Melt me; Melting the mountain; Atta...

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6. Morbid Symmetry

What is done behind closed doors; Never seems to be what the audience adores; In the public eye but living a double life; What you thought was not a reason why; Fame and misfortune and it's all coming...

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7. Path To Nowhere

Running short of breath, Dwelling on my weaknesses; Turning inward to myself, To find the strength that used to be; Looking back, it used to be, All my problems, don't care for me; Pursuing, believing...

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8. Scabs Of Trust

A drowning man will always try to bring you down with him; In a sea of treachery you surely cannot swim; Not a leg to stand on, he's got deception inside of him; Picking at the scabs of trust: it will...

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9. The Disease

Struggling for your life; Nature the enemy; Disaster takes its coarse; Destroying everything; There's only one way out; To make it out alive; Once you're in this state; No one will survive; Kill, plag...

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