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1. All That Is Evil

Prime evil! In human form will never die, yet was never born; Descending! On doom we ride; All fingers point towards genocide; Abominations in a world of sin; Evil spell is cast from the hell within; ...

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2. Burned

Burning! Why do you burn me? Have me not had enough flames to last us through eternity? Dying! Why must I die? Do you hold me responsible for what has happened to; Your lives? Do you believe the lies?...

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3. Distant Signs

Prophecies from a time long since past; Days of peace much too good to last; Preachers speak of an eternal hell; In a lake of fire we dwell...we will dwell! Books have been written of a madman's rise;...

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4. Into Nothingness

Incineration - the unholy flame; Will be unleashed upon the world; Cities burned to ashes. Bodies turning into dust; No one can see, soon we will be; Blown away. Ripped away, swept away. Into nothingn...

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5. Intro

Future denied; As mankind races towards extinction; Has every hope died? So it would seem; For we've killing the future...

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6. Mark My Words

With the new millennium we're told the final day will come; But much as yet is still unclear; As to what sort of death to fear; But I must agree, I've seen the signs; The ignorance, moral decline, the...

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7. Pools Of Blood

See my victims - they like face down in pools of blood; It was so easy - they offered themselves unto me; Suffer! And pay the price; As you drown in pools of blood; In pools of... ; Blood is flowing i...

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8. Prime Directive

The three day war; No time before had ever seen such power released; Great cities fell. The earth went to hell; Thousands then alive soon were deceased; Technology - given to me; Turned me from main i...

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9. Scarred For Life

I accuse thee of the worst imaginable crimes; The destroying of an innocent; But why? What sort of satisfaction do you earn? All I know is that your soul will burn; A child is born, his mind is torn; ...

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