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1. Hands Of Hate

So bring the fucking hate.. ; Your dead to the world; Broken apart from the worlds minds; Wishful thoughts tighten up the chords; Beneath the skies you lie; No one can judge what I feel; What I see in...

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2. Standing Your Ground

When everything has fallen; Everybody has got someone to judge; But do you even fucking know me.. ; Desperation... Over standing your ground.. ; Always holding up; Never fearful from the rest; Open up...

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3. Still Eyes

Still eyes... ; What have I fucking done; Ive given the world my all; And seems like everyday; Is a struggle for me; To even breath; Despising you never kept me; From sinking into your lies; Ive stood...

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4. Vengeance

I can't trust no one; Everyone is out to get me; For those who judge; I am who I am; Nothing will change me; And yes -- I'm cold-hearted; You would be; If you had everything stripped away; (everything...

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