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1. All or None

Never wanted nothing other than to sing along; with you all living under the radar. But now we're cleaning up the rubble; from all the shit we never wanted; It's the pride in a life that we never want...

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2. Anywhere But Here

I can't honestly say I'm making it tonight, But I'll give you all that I got, I'll give you everything despite. Cos' I'm not the one who's pleading for my boy to come to life, Reality has taken me on ...

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3. Dead Man

Dead man walking like a wind up toy, Plodding, never plotting for the things that bring him joy, Living in the movies like he's celluloid, And then it's over, so roll the credits now. ; Dead man stand...

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4. Freedom Of Recession

You get what you give but you ain't giving shit, So don't act so surprised when you start taking hits, You'll lose all you take, man, when takes all you do, When you try to point blame, three point ri...

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5. Jackson Dawn

Come away with me my friend, from the dark decaying steel and men, Just pack your bag we're heading west, this town will take you down with it. Into the scrap yard, burial ground, cos the only job lef...

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6. Louisville Slugger

Tomorrow she'll put make-up on the bruises, Tomorrow she'll be making up excuses, But I've known you since we were three, What makes you think you can lie to me, And I'm trying to respect your privacy...

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7. Proud

Well I've been brave, and I have been there for my friends, And I've been enslaved by stupid shit that should have surely meant my end, Prior convictions, while they will give me no reprieve, I still ...

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8. Secret Machines

An american, in american crosshairs, Rights, well I guess they lost theirs, Executive orders coming down, Our forefathers could not foresee; These wrongs in the name of security, The us constitution's...

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9. Some Of Mine

Baby where you going with that rolled up twenty; And the razorblaze in your purse? I know you think you're slick and that you're getting over, But you're only gonna make it worse. Our eyes met across ...

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10. The Brink

Just a couple more days' son, things are looking up today, Set the date for the parade and ticker tape the city. Cos the blood on your hands has become nothing, You're coming home boy through hell and...

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11. The Years

So a spark quick became a charge, turned into the current between the stars, From the coast back to where you are like a siren's call, And maybe it was just in the cards, never stood a chance putting ...

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12. Where In The World

Ready for your close-up in the wake of the disaster, Callous, condescending claims the network newscaster, That with crimes of compassion correspondents have crossed the line, ; Hollywood elite and ex...

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