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1. Cigarettes and Old Perfume

Cigarettes and old perfume; The long nights I spent in your room; I'm simply calling cause we're okay; I think it's better off this way; Without you; It's like you never found your way; Your way back ...

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2. Collider

This isn't where I wanna be; Your friends car, the oldies; Cause these things just end the same; Front seat back, but all I heard was rain; As it beat down on the hood; You said that this night could ...

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3. Hell

You laid there shaking on the bed; Forgot what everybody said; And I don't think of you or any lie you fed; It's all in your head; Now it's all in my head; You laid there trembling on the floor; Forgo...

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4. Howl

You were young when your father died; Always felt like you were left behind; But you're right where you need to be; We were lost, found a place to hide; Seeking shelter, seeking better lives for you; ...

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5. Let's Talk About Your Hair

We went to bed that night; And dreamed of better things; A god, a devil, and me; And how you lost your wings; I always wondered when you stopped loving me; But I can't see clearly; But I know that you...

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6. Level Head

It was something I'd never seen; Sitting reading year old magazines; In a house with you; You love to laugh and tell me dreams; Of who you are who you want to be; And I had no clue; But I'm thinking i...

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7. Living Dead

Found out when my ears set flame; Little nothings to a worn out brain; You thought I was someone you knew; Looking down to me from your balcony view; I didn't think we would still be there; All nighte...

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8. Somebody's Baby

Just look at that girl with the lights comin' up in her eyes; She's gotta be somebody's baby; She must be somebody's baby; 'cause all the guys on the corner stayin' back; And let her walk on by; She's...

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9. The Ancient West

It's been weeks sense I've seen a real smile; Oh I know I won't see it for awhile; I've counted inches from your yard to my door; And I want nothing more than to know for sure; It's been weeks since I...

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10. The Gates

You held her and said; "I'm not worthy, but I'll try to be a better man. "; "If you don't have the time then leave; I've been waiting all year for something that was never really here. "; "Well you we...

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11. This Old Ark

Well I don't know where the time goes; But I remember what you said; And every single feeling's dead; Every word sounds more absurd; Faith and comedy could heal the hurt; Verses dug out through some C...

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12. Two Years

Two years now and I'm alone again; Close your eyes and count to ten and tell me; How the hell you've been? "I'll be okay: I promise and I swear. "; As they open up I ask abruptly; "When? And why? And ...

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13. Weak In The Knees

I called you up, just where have you been? I'm just waiting for our lived to begin; No one wants you the way that I want you; When no one wants you; Can you say you want me to? Why won't she go home? ...

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14. When I Sleep

All of our lives turn to black; And there's no turning back; But you are the best thing that I've ever had; And we, we were not that bad; No one knows the inside jokes or fun we had; And we, we were n...

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