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1. Burn

I gaze through worlds unknown to man; I got the secret all within my hand; Burn now, make me bleed; Feel the fire rise; Release me, let me go; Free me from the lies; So burn now, make me burn; Feel th...

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2. Fallen

I am the fallen one; I´m the one you fear; I am the fallen one; I am everywhere; I am the fallen one; The fallen from grace; I am the fallen one, Damned to earth; I will lead this world astray

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3. Mirrors

I am one with the ones who bring the plague; I control their universe; Through the dark, beyond this world I am; In the dominions of thine; Consume the earth, the night will never end; As I see throug...

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4. The Watcher

I am the air you breathe, the wind that makes you freeze; Into your soul, the winds of death I´ll blow; As night is drawing near, your consciousness I´ll sear; I´ll break you down, I´ll break you down...

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5. Wounds

The son of light, lord of slaves; A reign in tyrant ways; Over centuries the story´s been told; It´s time to let it go; For the legend comes with pain; And his words are spread in vain; We are many st...

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