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1. Caves

Forget all the faces you've missed; Remember the hearts that you've risked; It's when your tongue-tied; It's when you can't hide; You follow the words from the caves; Settle the bets from your change;...

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2. Ricochet

The warmest night I ever felt; I spent with you (you); The fireflies they multiply; Escape from view (view); You say you don't know me; You don't say; But could you ever see me that way; You say I don...

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3. The War

In the cold; We spent the night; On the floor; With the great, old pines; When the storm came alive; I took your hand; And I closed my eyes; And you cut your hair; And you broke the mirror; The one th...

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4. Youth

Shadows settle on the place that you left; Our minds are troubled by the emptiness; Destroy the middle, it's a waste of time; From the perfect start to the finish line; And if you're still breathing, ...

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