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1. All That I Remain

Hattorney - All That I Remain; All that pain shall pass; Through her eyes and I; Risk myself And Now I; should do it one more time; All That I remain is... Fire it! Louder; Noises; Don't Go away; And ...

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2. Burn

Come On! Is pain that you want? They`ll tell you what it`s like! Cauze now you can`t run; These is our war; Just me and You; You closed your fist; Now show me what you got; Now show me what you got; C...

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3. Hellish Day

Arriving in this city; Not a good impression; People trying to say hi; I realize that you can die; For those who love; Fuck Ya! For You who cries for mercy; Screw Ya; You who take this life away; Nice...

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4. Label Me

Let Me cut the fiends inside; Settin' You Free from a nostalgic day; Since You've been here in my life; I'm becoming so Far away from my sight; Label all the Things you Hate; Label all the things you'...

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5. Terrify

Turn back to my skin; Your regret just get me high; I believe You can see them; You found another way to put me down; Before you crawlin' into the ground; Look at my scary face; Don't blame me now; Ar...

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6. This Way

Yeeaahhh! Go! You can't understand; What I Try To say; But you can't wait; And Learn With This; All that I know; Sometimes May help; But where you go; I feel for; I can't follow you This way! And I ca...

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