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1. Ammat (Devourer Of Souls)

When you feel the fear that kills the heart; And the shadows cover your mind; Haunted voices that hide in the dark; They're going to catch you now. In the abbys of the underworld; Where the ancient ki...

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2. Exile

When I was young they always said that life was good; They kept it secret that their souls were full of wounds; They showed me only straight ways covered by daylight; But as I grew the shadow crossed ...

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3. Fire In The Sky

And as we ride on the wings of tomorrow; We try and see what the future may bring; There's no sign of fear, there is no sign of sorrow; But I feel that the sun is only there to deceive; Nothing on ear...

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4. My Hate

Fiery gaze that raped my life is now turning to your fate; Too early to know that you will die but to late to save your ass; Poisoned blood, evil heart, doesn't matter where you hide; I will send you ...

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5. One Thousand Deaths

If I enter the road of no return; Don't expect me to come back; The blazed trail knows I'm right and now I see; Ahead a thousand deaths of those who went before me; One thousand deaths, one thousand d...

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6. The Curse

Lust. My life has ended, fell into pieces; On this day when she possessed me, made me blind; Planted seed of hatred deep inside my mind; As I hear the voice, haunted shriek in my head; I see the curse...

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7. The Horizon

Years of life ? stones in the sea of dark; Sail, set the course of your will, facing death; Heading for the horizon line; Aim that was so fine; Drifts away when you're near; Leaving you in the vortex ...

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