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1. For Grace and Glory

When you feel the reflection; Of moon in your eyes; When you see the devil; Hide under your skin; When you hide behind; Your false personality; The conections between you and me; The chamber are locke...

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2. Light & Fire

Now it's your last chance! The sunshine warms your soul; And the night comes again; To kill the hope; Inside our hearts; But the rise of the sons of silence will; Bring light again; And nightmares fin...

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3. Sands Of Destiny

Seven days alone in the hills; Reading about creation; Seven wings of gold; Forged for redemption; The skin of steel; That never! can't be destroyed! The lighting sword clean; The roads of darkness; J...

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4. The Bastard Of Avalon (Avalon)

A little child today will cry; Behind of the falling walls; Anyone can hear your silent screams; The fire burns the unholy fates, again; The sign of a dragon; A son of a king will born; Arising the bl...

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5. The Ghosts Of Culloden

Intro; Fair as the earliest beam of eastern light; When first, by the bewildered pilgrim spied; It smiles upon the dreary brow of night; And silvers o'er the torrent's foaming tide; And lights the fea...

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