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1. Agnes

I can't believe that she changed with me, because of another girl; I created her, and gave her everything she knows; Move to other city; She is so pretty; This is enought; I don't know what to do; May...

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2. Home Side

At the moments I just need; Why you have to go? He is not here; Him here with me; I miss you; I need; Why you have to go; Im little afraid; Here without you; Away from home; I need you; I miss you; I ...

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3. Perfect Union of Couses

He needs a quiet room; To blow his mind away; It's just a quiet room; A place that he can play; He just need someone; Who understand his mind; He just found someone; And she stays on his side; And I h...

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4. Woody Song

I need someone who understand; I can't sleep; My lost mind; Hours thinking how could be; The future in your side; Maybe it's a wrong thing; Try to taint you out with my dreams; But think don't means j...

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