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1. Fat Devastation

Lazy kid, consumed by gluttony; Sprawled on the sofa, during all his life; Getting fat and watching TV; Hey chubby boy, is all that you hear; 300 pounds, fatness is all that you see; Now he's a big gu...

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2. Municipal Guard

Hunting all those kids that are smoking weed; Beat them, hang them, making them all bleed; Making the patrol, eyes wide open late at night; Take no prisoners, kill’em all, don’t give a chance to fight...

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3. Payback From Pollution

Crossing the lines of stupidity and beyond; The factories of mankind polluting the globe; We watch nature’s hatred destroying our homes; Burning with chaos the places we once loved; That because we sp...

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4. Stage Dive Possession

I was going to a concert than I passed in front a church; They were doing exorcism and I stopped to take a look; The spirit was frantic and it jumped out of the dude; Took control of all my actions, a...

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