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1. Bloody Ballerina

Bloody ballerina, scrubbing at the stains that won't fade, Tattered silk of your dress is...an odd shade of gray. Bodice ripped and torn down, Shredded strips of your dress decay, Spinning round and r...

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2. Candy Coated Razorblade

Won't you warp me up in cellopane; I want to be new and shiny for you; And if these holes you made; Should be too small for me to breathe; Then give us a kiss goodnight; I'm ready to die for you; Let'...

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3. Cannibal's Love Song

I'll sing you a monster's lullaby, I wanna tear you apart, Just to feel you on the inside. I can fill the void inside of you, just tell me that, Tell me that you want to... If you want to be my; Dread...

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4. Little Matchgirl

Light a match, but the cold never stops hurting, She'll never stop yearning for something better. She'll never be sorry, they sure didn't ever; Give a damn for poor little matchgirl. Mr. Scatch is wai...

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5. Malevolent Symphony

Sisters joined at the hip; Throats choking on a kiss; Legs splayed- penetrated by a bar through the ribs; Spinning till they hit the ground- undaunted; Dancing while the blood runs out; You watch them...

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6. Papercut Kisses

Sally's made of paper and string, She's a perfect, patchwork plaything. I stick my knife into her sometimes, just to hear her scream. And it might look like she's hurting; But I know it just means she...

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7. Porcelain

When you cry it makes a sound; Like knives on porcelain; It makes me want to seal you up in glass; It makes me want to peel off your skin; And I think that on your face, this razorblade; Would make yo...

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8. Sunday Best

Dolly going out in her Sunday Best, Bow in her hair and her panties wet, She's got a baby face, sweet and innocent, Licks her lips when no one's lookin'. I've heard em say she's got no shame, She hate...

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