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1. Bloodfeast

Twelve inch blade forced through your skin; The price you pay for your sins; I'll rape your mind and sell your soul; Your worthless life's in my control; Haven't you noticed that I don't care; Better ...

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2. Crowned In Blood

One death is a tragedy; A million deaths statistics; I'm the morbid remedy; To cure the ones like you; Like a twisted predator; A beast vile and sadistic; Instinct driven aggressor; Who preys on ones ...

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3. Feeding The Flame

The abyss of the voracious mind; Keeps the secrets of insanity; Feeds on sickness breeding vast decline; Paves the way for vile brutality; Screams of pain in timeless torture; Lead the souls astray; L...

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4. Final Solution

Gathered in the ghettos; Inferior human race; Awaiting deportation; Millions to be slain; Clean up over europe; Camps built for extermination; Secure the pureness of the race; And freedom of the natio...

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5. Hallucinate

There it is in front of my eyes; Apparition from the other side; The darkness takes a new form; Evil eyes they scorn; Envisioned by my mind; Revelation from the other side; Too scared to fall asleep; ...

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6. Infection

Infection of religion; Contamination of the mind; Having faith in crucifixion; A blind leads another blind; Divine or evil all the same; Mental disease without a name; Contradiction of the will and th...

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7. Sign Of Demise

Crucified nameless under darkened skies; Rotting corpses covered with flies; As a warning for the enemy; Placed in the public as a sign of demise; Gods hand doesn't reach in here; The place where deat...

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8. The Perfect Hate

Pierced and bleeding, ripped and torn; Don't call it torture, call it art; In my revision, the flesh re-forms; Becomes the statue I have carved; Sick inventions, morbid dreams; Hypnotized by the visio...

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9. Torment The Masses

Torment the masses; Oppress all the weak; Guided by demons within; Deny all that's holy; Contempt as I speak; March with the legions of sin; Reward for the faithful; Punishment is due; Those who dare ...

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10. Warfare

Strike through the frontline; Take over the trench; Show them no mercy; Destroy their defense; Burn down their dugouts; And blow up their tanks; Snipe down the enemy; Don't care 'bout ranks; Blood flo...

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