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1. Against My Doom

Against My Doom; I fight Against My Doom; I want my life; I don't know if I will survive; Life's more than a great war; They manipulate us like a toy; I fight Against My Doom; I can't understand this ...

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2. Hate For Revenge

Someday they will come back; From the past to eternity; With the thirst for blood; With hate for revenge; Humiliated, stay(ed) in the past; With cruelty and madness; Now the time has come; Revenge is ...

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3. Red Alert

Living a bad dream; An endless nightmare; (I) see a body in all the sides; (It) means the final truth; Armaggedon is near; Human beings build the end; Open eyes; Feeling bad; Just reality; Only a mira...

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4. Slave To My Sins

Marching out to reach the bottom of disgrace; There is no more place for living in this world of tragedy; We become the shadows of yesterday; Trying to carry on the flame... But it’s cold! Slave to my...

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5. Thunder Force

I'm the thunder; I fall over your heads; And rip all the sky with light; See my power; It frightens everyone; Destroying the world with fire; In my kingdom, respect my law; It's the only way; Never da...

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