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1. Bad Guy

Feels like I waited on you for how long? I don't know; Oh, it's not like me to wait on someone for so long; Yeah, I know; Oh babe, I'm backwards and I don't feel good; Oh, you can go run away; I am ba...

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2. Her Own Heart

So that's it now for summer, so long; And just like that he said "go on, get gone"; Isn't it time you pretended you're strong? She needed something to make it feel real; It could be bitter it could be...

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3. Keep

If you'd said I'd still be here a year ago; I would have told you telling lies is bad for souls; Imagine all the stories left untold; If we'd kept our wildest dreams on hold; But you keep your cool, a...

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4. Kiss the Stars

Do you want to ride your bike to my house? If you want to, we can take the long route; It's not something we need to talk about; That sunset guilt trip I could really do without; Promise this time, we...

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5. Not That Kind

Give me one good reason; I should let you out of my sight; When what you're running from is waiting for you; Over on the other side; You try to take it in your stride; But I know it doesn't feel right...

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6. Obsessed

Never one to light up a room on entry; Figured it's part of a charm and it's nothing to shame; Blow off my friends then cry about being lonely; Let Friday ruin my Saturday yet again; You were the one,...

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7. Secret

If you hear me; Can you steer me? Just for a while; Let's reconcile; Sinking, I am; Sinking deep down; Don't give up on; Don't give up on; Baby can you keep a secret, a secret? Baby can you keep a sec...

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8. Sleep

You don't have to speak out loud; You can say it in your sleep; Just come see me in my dreams; No wonder I'm smiling in my sleep; Tell me if you could decide; What you could provide; Wanna know your i...

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9. Sometimes Always

I gave you all I had; I gave you good and bad; I gave but you just threw it back; I won't get on my knees; Don't make me do that please; I've been away but now I'm back; Don't be too sure of that; Wha...

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10. Stay With Me

It's no better now you're gone; It's no better on my own; Even when you're gone; I feel like you're the one who's won; Even when I'm wrong; You act like I'm the only one; Stay with me; Why don't you s...

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11. Sugar & Spice

You bring with you the purest blue; The brightest blue; Maybe you should take a lesson; From the moon on how to handle; Eyes on you, eyes on you; But you don't call me baby anymore; No, you don't call...

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12. Sure

Why did you do it? You couldn't just laugh and walk away? Yeah, how could you do it? Is there any power in what I say? How can I fix this? I'm taking a guess you didn't stay? How could I miss this? Yo...

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13. Try

It's getting hard; I've been barely sleeping; Sleeping; It's creeping in; It's getting hard; We've been barely sneaking; Leaving; It's been keeping; But I know you wanna try; I can feel it in your sig...

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14. Unwanted Guest

Do you know the way; To feelings I can't say? Could you make it worse? Could you make it hurt? We could be ok; But you let him stay; No he's not the one; It will come undone; Give it a try? If you wan...

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15. When I Get Out

I know I shouldn't be thinking it; No I shouldn't even feel at all; What makes you live with so few regrets? You look calm as the ocean floor; But can you give in, give in to me; I know you didn't wan...

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16. Without a Blush

You and me, we were destined to fall apart; Can you believe it's been three years since the start? You couldn't be any cooler if you tried; Said you wouldn't see nobody, but you lied; And I'm not gonn...

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