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1. Angels Crying

In the dark, silent hurt; Bruised and broken; Feel the pain of a child's life; That's stolen; Monster man with no shame; Brutally breaking down; A little child; On the street, in the heat; A girl is p...

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2. Blood

They all have life questions (like) where will they be in the end; And they all need a holy savior; Someone to lead them to the promised land; I believe in the father; I believe in the son; I believe ...

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3. Burning Bush

Moses on a mountain; Shepherding for jethro; Sees a bush burning; He hears god speaking; Then the lord tells moses; Remove your sandals; For this is holy ground; You should heed this calling; God hear...

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4. Devil's Poison

Maddening desire; Burning like fire; Rages inside of me; I don't understand; Why god favored his hand; When I've given my offering; Crouching sin like a tiger; Strikes and devours; I'm losing control ...

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5. Free

I was searching for something and I prayed on my knees; I was seeking a wholeness, a loving guide to save me; Among the gifts of the spirit, you showed me how to love; You said love is patient and lov...

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6. Holy Is His Name

Come honor the king; Come honor the king; The lord most holy; For whom we sing; Let us sing to the nations; Let the heavens rejoice; Let us sing for his glory; Cause he brings us joy; Hey yeah; Praise...

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7. In Her Head

Confusion is hanging alone in her head; The decision lingers with words left unsaid; Letting go of what was and what could have been; Bewildered, distracted by the thoughts in her head - oh; In her he...

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8. Last Hour

The world will fall away and; Where I go you cannot follow; The hour is coming fast; For me to leave this world; I've walked this long dark road; For you I lay me down; Remember my body broken; Rememb...

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9. Let It Go

Shattered , your day's been shattered; By your indecision, make up your mind; Disorganization, fury and frustration; You feel short-tempered, don't lose control; Take your time, taking action; Then fr...

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10. Light Of Man

Baby in the manger; Shepherds in the field; Angels singing glory, wise men come and kneel; High up in the heavens; Shining light of love; People come together and celebrate this child; And the heavens...

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11. My Sweet Jesus

I'm gonna serve you; My sweet jesus; I'm gonna follow you; To your kingdom; I need your healing; My lord & savior; I need forgiving; My sweet jesus; I need your wisdom; Oh king jesus; It keeps me focu...

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12. Natural Compulsion

Drowning in my sorrows; Come and rescue me; In my midnight hour; Come and set me free; Shouting from the roof tops; Crying in my sleep; Void of any feeling; Praying on my knees; Won't you save me from...

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13. Sweet Sensation

I've sat and often wondered; About the miracles of life; The sweet blue ocean, high tides; Your words that call me like a; Sweet sensation; I heard you call my name; I'll serve you father, lord and sa...

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14. The Narcissist

Masquerading you're convicted; Who will you be today? So confused, you're self tormented; And there's only you to blame; You run away, hiding; Nothing to say; You're walking the line between; Your own...

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15. Unmistakable Grace

I thought it didn't matter; In the sea of shadows; I lost what really matters in this place; I know you've sent us out there; Boldly to be sharing; We gotta take a stand in your name; I see your face;...

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