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1. Closing Doors

I remember what you told me; You said you never wanna take me back; You're the only one that knows me, why would I? Say I'm tryin', just go and make you cry; And every touch is just enough to get me h...

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2. Gone

Yeah it's easy to come back; But it's harder to let go; I can tell by the nights and the blood in my eyes; And the tears on my pillow; So I guess this is goodbye; Fall out like a petal; No more Sun in...

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3. Intimidating

xxDays like this I think about you always; I flew up North to see you on your off day; I'm working hard, you're working hard, we okay; That's what they all say, yeah, uh; You blew my mind, I'm booted ...

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4. It Is Whats It Is

Tell me what's wrong; Tell me what's right; I never believed in either; So tell me what am I; What do we kill for? Tell me, why do we lie? None of us live though; Cause we all are scared to die; But; ...

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5. Stop

It doesn't hurt to be alone; It only hurts when you don't call; I packed my bags; Took the long way home; Run through the storm is all I know; Call all my saints; When I got tree to roll; I treat them...

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6. Yellow Lights

Don't cut the lights; Just take it slow; We're moving fast; We've lost control; But, I feel safe with you; Love is brave, but I've been scared; I look around, see no one there; And still feel close to...

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7. Overwhelmed

It wasn't a moment; Never a point in time; Your head on my shoulder; My head was a million miles away; When did you notice that I didn't look at you the same way? Honestly, I get lost in my dreams som...

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