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1. Annie Belle

Has anybody seen my Annie Belle? With her red hair hanging down; She was standing by the river, In her faded cotton gown…; In her faded cotton gown…; I left her on the Captain's orders, An Irish boy i...

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2. Beggar's Dimes

Another day, one less dollar; Forget the pain, welcome the sorrow; Livin' my life on these borrowed rhymes; I guess it'll all make sense in time; Chorus:; Seen the Rocky Mountains; Played for beggar's...

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3. Careless

She left me bleeding with idle running low; Staring in the green light of the dash. The vinyl cold and lonely with an a.m. radio; I watched her through the rain and dirty glass. Long ago and far away ...

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4. Cold Wyoming Snow

You find her there inside a rhyme; Waiting for you between the lines; One more glass for chance…; But only by circumstance you fold; Just let it go…; Chorus:; Winter's here; And she always disappears;...

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5. Lazy Afternoon

You say, "I'd like to hear a love song; Been a while and nothing new."; Ask me why I haven't written; Is something wrong with me or you; Babe I'd trade these empty pages; And this frozen pen that bloc...

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6. Mogollon

He bid farewell to Canaan Valley; Placed a flower on his daddy's grave; For him and 27 others; Trapped below the black soot and clay; His name his Charlie Roberts; And he come from the miner's stone; ...

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7. Run

Joey was a lover; A loser at his best He held a lot of ladies; And he left 'em for the rest; 'Cause mama was a cheater; and daddy never lied. "Joey hold her like you need her, but only use her once or...

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8. Shiny Cars

Some folks play with fire; Others play with fear; Some deal with religion in the dark. Me I'm just a pilgrim; Searching for what's real; Testing out the borders of my heart. He left her for Susan; She...

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9. Southern Plains

The sun sets fire to an early morning sky; As I step out on the front porch pouring coffee off the side. Already waiting, the old man shakes his head; Says "time is always wasted burnin' daylight in t...

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10. Strange New Love

Rollin' out of Salt Lake on a Saturday Fine; Gonna' treat you, baby, like a Sunday Drive; Barefoot lovers and a Utah Sky; Strange new love tonight; Movin' slow and easy, gonna take our time; We shared...

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11. The Eyes Of A Friend

I live a good life I'm told; I ride with peace in my soul; Seen the sun rise through high western pines; And watched their manes turn into gold. ; I've heard the call of the wild; Seen mountains for h...

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12. This Hard Town

I was a cowboy on the northern range; Followed the code mister sun or rain; Spent my nights by the campfire light; Nothing with hair that I couldn't ride; I grew older sir tired and poor; Bought me a ...

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